Remind Me Who I Am Again


Sound design and original music for Remind Me Who I Am Again for Tron Theatre, directed by Lisa Gregan.

This production was a devised piece about memory. It had an abstract and surreal quality to it that the soundtrack supported. Here are a few clips from the soundtrack.

Preshow Music

I wanted the music the audience experienced upon entering the space to help heighten the ambiguous atmosphere of the piece.

Busby Treatment

This soundscape was part of a stylised movement piece that incorporated elements of the Busby Berkley choreograhaphed By A Waterfall. It was created using snippets of the original music and treating them to create a surreal effect.

Tide Of Voices

In this soundscape a recording of people talking has been subjected to various effects and treatments to make it resemble the ebb and flow of the tide.

Photographs by John Johnston.



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